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Rose Gold Homes & Design is a company thriving on perfection in build and design. We take our time with the little details, because those are the ones that go the furthest. 

Allow us and our creative minds, skills, and powers to create the vision you have been dreaming about in your home or business. Multiple trades working through our company allow us to complete everything within your home and business. With first class designers and managers to glue it all together.

We believe that design and the look of your space is an expression of your personal vision, dreams and needs. We create every space with you, for you! Allow us to expand your ideas and transform your work or living space.


Collection of Work


Located in Toronto, ON, we are a collective group of designers, managers, trades and art directors working to elevate the exteriors and interiors of our customers.

Contact us today to get a free estimate on any project you may be encountering. We bring forward the highest quality, and match it with great pricing!



Don't believe in the misconception that General Contractors or Builders are more expensive then going direct to a trade! Everyone we have, from trades, to managers, to designers, is apart of our team! And in our team we demand quality pricing so we can bring it right to the customer, and leave money in their pocket... Contact us for an estimate if you don't believe us.


Our Specialties

Modern Home and Commercial Builders
Interior Design & Decorating
Multi-Trade Contracting
Project Management





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