The Springrain Project

Below you will be able to follow the transformation our team was able to perform to truly bring this Kleinburg home to life. In just a few months, our designers, trades, labourers and managers all came together to complete the masterpiece we call the Springrain Project. Yes, everything we say is a masterpiece. But we truly believe they are. Especially this modern California vibe home.

Everything from demo, to flooring, kitchen, design and elecrical was completed by us. Enjoy!


CUstom Kitchen

Our favourite part of the home. Clean, functional and just stunning. Waterfall 4" Island Counters with matching counters and backsplash. No wall outlets, strictly pop outs. A pot filler, appliance garage. Beautiful lighting.... it has it all.

The entry Hall and Main Stairwell

We brought the home to life with this entrance. Everything from the brand new hardwood to the custom modern fireplace, glass railing and custom Pendant lighting make it a dream come true. The clients guests are mesmerized, as are the clients, every time they walk in.

Photo 2018-04-20, 6 18 40 PM.jpg

The Fireplace

The modern, minimalistic fireplace makes you feel cozy and right at home. We removed the old fashion one with the mantel and transformed the home, the feel and the esthitic right away.

Full Gallery

Before Rose Gold

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